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About our tracking system has successfully established it self in all major parts of the as the best in all the services it provides. In so doing we have had some really good experience and some minor setbacks with some clients, these minor setback are what we hope to solve with this new system as to proof to our clients we have been listening to their complains and doing our very best to do something about them. This system is to help our clients track and get info on their packages from our site without having to go through the stress of contacting and agent all the time and also to to solve the problem of scam we have been having because with this system now every client now has a REFERENCE number to proof they have a deal with us which to say every client should get a REF number immediately after payment is made. Note that all details will be deleted after the period of six months this is for security purposes and also to make sure you get the number of the person delivering your package, this number is not to say you will meet the person delivering your package this is only possible for old clients not new clients. We need your help in fighting fraudsters and people who copy our system for the wrong reasons Thanks for trusting TESTRALAB.COM

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